1Ti 6:6-12

  1. A. Ce este evlavia?
    1. a. Evlavie (gr) ευσέβεια, ευλάβεια
    2. b. Eusebeia = forma corectă a religiei, echilibru între necredinţă şi superstiţie; indeplinirea corectă a formelor religioase.
    3. Ce este mulţumirea?
      1. Mulţumire  (gr) αυτάρκεια [autarkeia] = self satisfactioncontentedness, or (concretely) a competence: – contentment, sufficiency. be content, be enough, suffice, be sufficient
      2. Când este nemulţumit un om evlavios?
        1. Înţelegere incompletă sau incorectă a lui Dumnezeu
          1. i.      Ex. Maşina Ford Mondeo şi capacul de la benzină
          2. ii.      Isus este descoperirea autentică
          3. iii.      Sunt multe contrafaceri
  2. Când este ipocrit, făţarnic
    1. i.      Urmăreşte două interese şi personal şi divin
    2. De ce este mulţumit un om evlavios?
      1. Că are un Dumnezeu 2Co 9:8-12
      2. Că şi-a răstignit firea pământească
      3. Că are speranţa şi perspectiva veşniciei

Success depends not so much on talent as on energy and willingness. It is not the possession of splendid talents that enables us to render acceptable service; but the conscientious performance of daily duties, the contented spirit, the unaffected, sincere interest in the welfare of others. In the humblest lot true excellence may be found. The commonest tasks, wrought with loving faithfulness, are beautiful in God’s sight.–Prophets and Kings, p. 219.  {ChS 264.1}

Courage, hope, faith, sympathy, love, promote health and prolong life. A contented mind, a cheerful spirit, is health to the body and strength to the soul. „A merry [rejoicing] heart doeth good like a medicine.” Proverbs 17:22.  {CH 344.3}

The mind is to be educated that the best energies of the soul will be brought out and every faculty be developed. We must not be contented with a low standard. We are to move onward from one advanced line of work to another. –Lt 106, 1901.  {2MCP 665.1}

The happiness of life is made up of little things. It is in the power of everyone to practice true Christlike courtesy. It is not the possession of splendid talents that will help us to overcome, but the conscientious performance of daily duties. The kind look, the lowly spirit, the contented disposition, the unaffected, sincere interest in the welfare of others–these things are helps in the Christian life. {2SM 237.1}

And I saw what God marked above everything else was their contented state. They have the truth. None can successfully oppose, and they enjoy it, as if the Saviour had no work for them to do in the salvation of souls. They comfort themselves that they are safe, and leave the work of the Lord to others, and by degrees they relax their efforts and fall into an indifferent, formal state. {2SG 279.2}

Brother C, the love of money is the root of all evil. You have loved money, loved the world; you have looked at the  illness of your wife as a severe, a terrible, tax, not realizing that it is your fault in a great measure that she is sick. You have not the elements of a contented spirit. You dwell upon your troubles; imaginary want and poverty far ahead stare you in the face; you feel afflicted, distressed, agonized; your brain seems on fire, your spirits depressed. You do not cherish love to God and gratitude of heart for all the blessings which your kind heavenly Father has bestowed upon you. You see only the discomforts of life. A worldly insanity shuts you in like heavy clouds of thick darkness. Satan exults over you because you will have misery when peace and happiness are at your command.  {1T 696.2}

A few words more to the church members. Said Christ: „If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” We are not to make crosses for ourselves, by wearing sackcloth, by pinching our bodies, or by denying ourselves wholesome, nourishing food. We are not to shut ourselves in monasteries, away from the world, and do no good to our fellow beings, thinking this is the cross of Christ; neither are we required to expose health and life unnecessarily, nor to go mourning up the hill of Christian life, feeling it a sin to be cheerful, contented, happy, and joyful. These are all self-made crosses, but not the cross of Christ.  {4T 626.2}


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